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Now you can add a beautifully written Father poem to your basket to honor your Dad.

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Now you can add a beautifully written Father poem to your basket to honor your Dad. Select from some of the poems listed or send us your own. Just imagine how touched dad will be when his gift basket also has a scroll with your own personal thoughts. Each scroll is laser printed on fine parchment paper, tied with ribbon and carefully attached to your gift. It’s a great way to find the right words, while displaying your personal sentiments.

Poem A

My Father, My Friend
~ Allie Marvin

My love for you goes beyond,
All the things you have done.
Some would run, but you
stayed to stun them all!
Through every endeavor
you continued to call
Me your treasure.
My father, my friend, my protector, no one could replace
your tender touch.
I love you so very much.


Poem B

No One Like You
~ Allie Marvin

You watched me crawl,
you watched me walk,
Your always there when I call.
You’ve loved me, cared for me,
And treated me like a Queen.
Nothing could ever come
between you and me,
Because the bond we share
Is beyond rare.
You’ve loved me from the start
And will continue to love me
No matter how far we are apart.

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